Free Planning


Professional Installation

Because Acromat builds its sporting equipment to meet the highest professional standards, we believe it demands the highest standards of installation. Therefore we strongly recommend that all Acromat equipment be installed by our own service engineers so that it operates correctly and adheres to the required safety standards.

Our installation service is available worldwide.

Safety & Maintenance

All Acromat equipment is of a very high standard and built to last. However, its use in the quest for high sporting achievement means it will naturally be subject to wear and tear over time. So it is important that regular inspections are carried out and that any maintenance required is performed immediately to ensure the safety of the athletes using the equipment.

As part of our on-going service, we offer maintenance programs and detailed Safety and Maintenance reports. This thorough approach to maintenance extends to Acromat keeping complete client records of all purchases, regardless of how long ago the equipment was bought from us. This enables the speedy replacement of worn or damaged components, or the timely upgrading of equipment.

Please contact us for further details regarding our maintenance programs.

Free Planning Service

We are often asked why we don’t charge for our comprehensive planning service. The answer is simple. We believe it is our responsibility to help our customers select the correct equipment for specific sporting needs and programs. Offering this service not only adds value but also enhances safety and ensures the long-term viability of major equipment purchases.

Acromat’s team of sports engineers and facility planners help plan the most efficient and economical use of gymnasium and sporting facilities. This service is especially valuable for:

Our free planning service embraces such considerations as anticipated pattern of use, projected spectator capacity, games court layouts, recommended positioning of Acromat equipment and optimum seating arrangements. Attention to these details not only ensures the best use of available space but also the most efficient use of the project budget.

If you would like to make use of our free planning service electronically, please complete this form. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss your requirements or download and complete this Information Sheet PDF (10kb) and send the requested information via post.

By providing Acromat with the requested information and drawings, our professional sports engineers and facility planners will be able to provide you with:

Industry Leaders

In 2017 Acromat was featured on a documentary program called Industry Leaders. Industry Leaders focuses on people who are passionate about their industry and how this passion combined with drive, commitment and most importantly hard work, has lead to their success.

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